ImageVelocity is About Teamwork
Though our staff may be categorically divided into departments, there is certainly no division among our team members when it comes 'company effort'. Department leaders meet regularly to share ideas and project progress and many of our staff have worked in more than one task area. We encourage our staff to understand all facets of the design process.
Imagevelocity Staff
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Corporate Staff
ImageVelocity is headed by our president and owner, David Speros. Working directly with David is our Director of Sales and Marketing and our Art Director. Also comprising our corporate division is our Administrative Director and our Accounting Manager.
For more detailed information about our corporate officers, you can go the corporate section of our site.
Sales Staff
Our sales team is made up of three components—Corporate Sales, Internal Ad Sales and Outside Ad Sales. The latter two components are devoted to our Pharmacy Bag Projects. Additional Sales Staff info is located on our sales page of our staff section. See our contact section for getting in touch with our knowledgeable sales team.
Graphics Department
The creative juices flow daily from this branch of our company. The graphics team is headed by our Art Director who tries to tame the talents of about a half dozen design-craving graphic designers. For more info, check out the graphics section. To reach our graphics team, see the contact section of our site.

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