ImageVelocity Mailers
Our direct mail products include brochures, newsletters, product catalogues, postcards, and any other published literature distributed to customers, clients, or employees. The strength of an ImageVelocity direct mail program is that it designed to effectively target and communicate your intended message to your unique market segment.

Size Doesn't Matter
At ImageVelocity, the best aspect of our printed marketing products is that we offer a project package to fit every budget. You may be ready to take your ImageVelociy dto the next echelon. We can do that!
Get The Presses Rolling
For more information about a mailer program for your business, contact David Speros.
Direct Mail Facts
New Business Tool
A creative direct mail program is a great way to announce your new business to potential customers.
Relationship Builder
A monthly or quarterly mailing can build a solid name for your business in
the marketplace.
Ad Program Collaboration
A direct mail piece can be used in conjunction with an ad campaign to intensify the overall impact of your marketing efforts.
Customer Attention
A key benefit of a direct mail piece unlike an ad, is that it has its own "solo" moment with the customer.
Cost Effectiveness
Once designed, direct mail can be printed and distributed in large quantities for a very low cost per unit making them a great choice for a new business or a repeat mail item.

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