The Art Department
Our Art Department is the creative heart of ImageVelocity. The Art Department is responsible for the development and execution of all of our ad designs and related marketing products. Each team member is hand selected to complement the expertise and experience of our firm.

Graphics Manager, Nadine Kline:

Balancing Act -
"I believe that the best designs, whether they be product ads or corporate graphics, are those that create a fine balance between graphic solution and the message. One must not compromise the other or the piece fails to make an impact."

- Nadine Kline

To reach our graphics team, go to the contact section of our web site.

Already A Client and Need Artwork Assistance? We accept artwork in the following Software: InDesign CS5 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adope Photoshop Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Office The Best File Formats are: Vector EPS - PDF - DOCX - JPG - TIF
Pharmacy Bag Ad Sizes Dimensions are as follows: Economy - 4.250” W x 1.250β€œ H Standard - 4.250” W x 2.625β€œ H Executive - 4.250” W x 4.000β€œ H Quad - 4.250” W x 5.375” H 10β€œ Back - 4.250” W x 8.125” H 13β€œ Back - 4.250” W x 10.50” H

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