Ad File Help
These notes are for those ImageVelocity Rx Bags clients that choose to provide us with complete ads or ad components such as logos or photographs. Colors
Typical ImageVelocity bags are printed in two colors- red and blue. Other colors are available at an additional charge. Type [Text]
Bold type should be used for headings only. Reversed type should be bold to counteract ink bleed into text. Minimum type size is 8pt. ImageVelocity cannot load font files (text). When using unusual fonts, they should be converted to outlines or rasterized. Tinting
For optimal results, tints should not exceed 10 Higher tint values will not print properly due to ink bleed. Images and Photographs
Photographs should be simple, high contrast, large-scale images. Small details will not reproduce effectively.

White Space.
Do not overcrowd your ad with text and images in an effort to pack in as much information as possible. Ample white space makes your ad more appealing and legible and forces you to "focus" your ad message, making it better. Image File Formats
ImageVelocity can accept files formatted as InDesign, [.indd], Acrobat, [.pdf], MsWord, [.doc], Tiffs [.tif], Jpeg [.jpg], Encapsulated Postscript [.eps], Adobe Illustrator [.ai], Photoshop [.psd], and QuarkXPress [.qxd]. Raster images should be 300 dpi minimum. Sending Art Files
Art files may be postal mailed on a cd or zip disk. You can also email the files to our office. More Information
For complete and detailed ad file documentation please download the ImageVelocity Ad File Guide pdf.

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