The Beginning
ImageVelocity is the result of 19 years of advertising and design experience. In 1988, the Speros family started a small advertising venture providing bags to pharmacies in Ohio. In 1992, David Speros relocated the business to California and founded Speros Marketing Group, Inc. aka Medibag which is now the largest prescription bag ad agency in the US.

Picking up Speed
Speros Marketing Group, Inc. became ImageVelocity in 2001 as it began to expand its line of products and services. In addition to its pharmacy bag program, which is available nationwide, ImageVelocity now offers a full line of print advertising tools and web design services.

On The Move
At ImageVelocity, our employees are highly trained and experienced in the areas of communication, graphic design, sales, and marketing. Our
staff is encouraged through seminars and in-house training to stay immersed in current technology and applications. Our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our customers always receive the best value from their advertising dollars.
Directions For the Future
At ImageVelocity, we believe our strengths lie in our ability to listen and accurately service the needs of our clients. This tenet will ultimately define our company path for the future. Client success is our business.

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Marketing Strategies, Services and Products - Pharmacy Bag and Rx Bags Advertising - Speros Marketing Project.
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